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What are the characteristics and advantages of ceramic fiber cloth?

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Ceramic Fiber Clothis made of ceramic fibers and a certain proportion of organic fibers, lined with glass fiber (steel wire) spun into yarn, and then woven into cloth. The number of organic fibers determines the erosion rate, the type of organic fibers determines the flexibility of the fabric (from good to bad: adhesive, polyester, pulp), the thickness of glass determines strength, and the material of steel wire determines corrosion resistance (304 stainless steel wire, 302 stainless steel wire, 201 stainless steel wire, steel wire). Responsible enterprises choose fewer organic fiber adhesives. Glass fiber of appropriate thickness. 304 stainless steel wire. The size of the textile process determines the smoothness of the appearance of the fabric, and the quantity of the previous batch determines the density of the fabric. Ceramic fiber cloth has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low thermal conductivity.

Ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber fireproof cloth, high-temperature resistant and flame-retardant cloth.

The characteristics of Ceramic Fiber Cloth:

High temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity;

Excellent high-temperature insulation performance and long service life;

Has the corrosion resistance to non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and zinc in contact with molten materials;

Good strength at low and high temperatures;

The application range of ceramic fiber cloth:

Insulation for various kilns, high-temperature pipelines, and containers;

Furnace doors, valves, flange seals, fire doors and fire rolling shutter materials, high-temperature furnace door curtains;

Engine and instrument insulation, fire-resistant cable coatings, high-temperature fire-resistant materials;

Thermal insulation covering fabric, high-temperature expansion joint filler, flue lining;

High temperature resistant labor protection products. Fireproof clothing. High temperature filtration. Application areas for absorbing and replacing asbestos.

The advantages ofCeramic Fiber Cloth

1) Continuous use temperature can reach 1000 ℃, and short-term use temperature can reach 1260 ℃;
2) Has good resistance to acid and alkali corrosion, as well as resistance to molten metal corrosion such as aluminum and zinc;
3) Good high-temperature strength and insulation performance (please refer to physical and chemical indicators);
4) The series of products such as ceramic fiber cloth, tape, and packing are reinforced with alkali free glass fiber filaments, which have higher electrical insulation and high-temperature electrical insulation properties than glass fibers.
5) Harmless and tasteless.
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