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Professional supplier of ceramic fiber cloth, foam ceramic filter, fireproof cloth, high-precision industrial ceramics, casting ceramics and refractory materials

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Suzhou Dexin Ceramic New Materials Co., Ltd

Suzhou Dexin Ceramic New Materials Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The company's main products are: ceramic fiber refractory materials, ceramic filter sheets, ceramic fiber paper, high silica oxygen cloth, fireproof cloth and other new ceramic materials and fine industrial ceramic products, non-metallic refractory products.
The company's tenet is: customer demand as the center, attention to detail, pursuit.
        Special ceramic products: silicon carbide, alumina, zirconia foam ceramics, mullite, iolite ceramic filters, porous foam ceramics, refractory ceramics, etc., as well as ceramic bearing plates, ceramic crucibles, ceramic rods, ceramic tubes and other special-shaped ceramic products. Widely used in casting, electronics, electrical appliances, mechanical equipment; and parts that require high-temperature filtration, high-temperature heat insulation, and fire-resistant.  
non-metallic refractories; Vacuum-formed non-metallic refractory fiber and polycrystalline alumina fiber and ceramic refractory fiber series products provide a series of energy-saving refractory insulation materials for petrochemical, electric power, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing, metallurgical steel, automobile manufacturing, construction and aerospace industries, as well as foundry electric furnaces, thermal equipment and thermal insulation of thermal pipelines, and achieve economic benefits of energy saving and consumption reduction for customers...


High silica cloth product features:
1. The long-term use temperature is below 1000 degrees, and it is resistant to high temperature and does not burn.