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How to increase the tensile index of ceramic fiber paper?

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When the amount of colloidal alumina added is 20%, the tensile index of Ceramic Fiber Paper is 0.82nm/g, which increases with the increase of colloidal alumina. When the dosage of colloidal alumina increased to 25%, the tensile index increased by 0.91nm/g and 11.0%. When the colloidal alumina increases from 25% to 40%, the tensile index changes from 0.95nm/g to 1.92nm/g, with percentages of increase of 13.7%, 55.6%, and 14.3%. It can be seen that as the amount of colloidal alumina increases, the tensile index of ceramic fiber paper initially increases at a lower rate, then rapidly increases, and finally gradually decreases.

Ceramic Fiber Paper is said to be paper, but in fact, it has a relatively high density but is still made of cotton, which can be permeable and have a certain waterproof effect. Ceramic fiber paper adopts ceramic fiber spraying technology, which increases the adhesive through vacuum. It has high strength, good flexibility, and good machining performance. It is an ideal material for insulation, insulation, and sealing in high-temperature environments.

Ceramic Fiber Paper flooring is lightweight, has good fire resistance and insulation performance, and is loved by consumers. The product mainly adopts wet forming technology, with uniform fiber distribution, white color, no layering, less slag balls, good elasticity, and maintains good performance during use. The following points need to be noted: 1. Do not damage the surface of the material, so special care is required during handling and installation. During installation, it is not mandatory to install and caution is required. Embedding must be done step by step.
Ceramic fiber paper is widely used in high-temperature kilns, heating wall linings, kiln masonry, and other high-temperature environments. In order not to affect the performance of use, special attention should be paid during installation or transportation, and correct installation does not affect the effectiveness of use.
Ceramic fiber paper uses ceramic fibers as the main raw material and adopts wet method (wet method, also known as phase separation method or thermal phase separation method, corresponding to dry method). Wet methods generally use raw materials such as solutions, solid-liquid mixtures, and gas-liquid mixtures to react and prepare target materials. Ceramic fiber paper has uniform thickness, smooth surface, good flexibility, and can be cut or punched to further produce products of various sizes and specifications. It also has its unique applications. If fibers need to be broken into secondary processed products, spinneret fibers are more popular because they are thinner and easier to mix with other raw materials.
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