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Silica fireproof cloth

Product parameter

High purity silica fiber (silicon oxide) refractory cloth
The main component of silica fiber refractory cloth is high-purity inorganic silicon oxide fiber, which is commonly known as high-silica fiber cloth. Its silica (SiO2) content is ≤ 96%, the softening point is close to 1700 °C, and it can be used for a long time at 1200 °C after applying the refractory coating, and it can be kept intact after working at 1500 °C for 10 minutes. High silica oxygen refractory fiber cloth has the characteristics of high strength, easy processing and wide use, and is used as a high-temperature resistant, ablation-resistant, heat-insulating and thermal insulation material. Due to its stable chemical properties, high temperature resistance, ablation resistance and other properties, the products are widely used in military industry, aerospace, metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, fire protection and other industrial fields.
Product Features:
●Low thermal conductivity
●Good chemical stability
●Good electrical insulation properties
●Low thermal shrinkage
● Non-asbestos products, no pollution
●Good machinability
Main Applications:
●Fireproof, heat insulation, heat preservation field
●High temperature resistance and anti-ablation field
●Fireproof materials (production of fireproof clothing, fireproof curtains, fire-fighting felts, fireproof blankets, etc.)
●High temperature gas dust collection, liquid filtration, exhaust gas filtration
●Metal melt filtration and purification
●Thermal insulation of automobiles, aircraft engines, and exhaust pipes
●Welding heat insulation protective material
●High-voltage electrical insulation and fireproof materials
Silicon oxide fiber refractory cloth: its thickness is 0.26mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.4mm, width: 820mm, 860mm, 920mm, 1200mm (different thickness and width). There are two kinds of textures, plain weave and satin, and the surface coating can be carried out according to the user's requirements. )