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Cast core stay

Product parameter

       Core support (cast top, I-shaped clip, core top): Core support and gasket at various heights of square, circular, rectangular, single column, double column, multi column, ordinary shaft, and threaded shaft. Customized according to user requirements.

       Core supports are mainly used in casting workshops of foundries and mechanical equipment industries, as well as for casting sand cores before pouring, to provide support, reduce production costs, and improve casting quality.

       Core support: also known as mud core support, cast card, support son, support iron, support head, core clip, core top, cast top, I-shaped card, I-shaped support, and cast nail. It is a metal component used to support the sand core or local sand mold during sand mold assembly. During the casting process, when the sand mold or sand core cannot maintain its correct position, a core support with a certain thickness, shape, and surface treatment can be used to maintain the correct position of the sand mold or sand core in the mold cavity.

       The shape of the core support: The shape of the core support should be selected according to the shape, size, assembly method, and working conditions of the sand core. The ends of the core support are made into larger supporting surfaces. Double column core support is generally used to support larger sand cores, while single column core support is used for medium-sized sand cores. Small castings often use thin sheet core support due to fast cooling, while wet sand generally uses single side core support. One end of the core support with a supporting surface is attached to the sand core, and the other end is pressed against the harder support material outside the mold cavity.

       Requirements for core support: The core support should be integrated with the casting and made of metal with the same composition as the casting. The surface of the core support should be clean, free of rust and oil stains, undergo rust prevention treatment, and be coated with zinc or tin.

       Placement of Core Braces: The height of the double-si