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Aluminum silicate fiber riser/plug

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Aluminum silicate fiber riser/plug
1、 Lightweight: Refractory fiber products are generally one-third to one-fifth of the weight of lightweight refractory bricks. Using them as lining for thermal kilns and glass feeding channels can reduce the weight of the kiln body, save furnace construction costs and time.
2、 Low heat capacity: Refractory fibers themselves absorb very little heat, which is 1/4 of that of refractory bricks. Low heat loss, accelerating the operation cycle of the kiln and glass feeding channel.
3、 Good high-temperature thermal stability, thermal shock resistance, and long service life.
4、 The thermal conductivity is low, only about one-third of that of lightweight refractory bricks.
5、 Good chemical stability, except for hydrofluoric acid and strong alkali, it does not corrode most chemicals and can be used as a chemical catalyst carrier.
6、 It can reduce noise and can also be used as a high-temperature sound-absorbing material.
7、 Good electrical insulation performance, can be used as high-temperature insulation materials.
8、 Widely used, it has its place of use in places that require high temperature and energy conservation, especially in the aluminum profile industry and aluminum alloy casting industry of continuous solution casting, which can achieve significant economic benefits.
At present, it has been widely used in industries such as metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, chemical, building materials, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, glass ceramics, electronics, military, refrigeration, etc. in China. Especially in various high-temperature kilns such as heating furnaces, glass kilns and glass channels, annealing furnaces, quenching furnaces, box electric furnaces, tunnel kilns, etc., it has achieved satisfactory results of saving coal, electricity, and oil by 10% -40%, and is highly welcomed by various industrial and mining enterprises.

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